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The menu is often overlooked as a MARKETING piece. They are the brochure of the restaurant industry. Menus are powerful motivators that bring business by the dozens. When done right your menu will whet your customer’s appetite, the more dishes they will like and the more business you will get.

Let your menu become a highly effective direct mailing especially when coupled with a time-limited coupon.


Printing & Finishing Options

  • Colour

Colour outside and blank inside

Colour outside and black & white inside

Full colour double side

  • Folding

Flat (No Folding)

Tri-Fold / Letter Fold



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Many readers the world over use bookmarks; however many business and organisations fail to see them as an opportunity to consistently and repetitively put a compelling message in the eyes of their target audience. Bookmarks are cost-effective; they boost brand awareness and reach a large audience.


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Invitation printing is the best way to attract attendees to a business or social event, whether you are hosting a corporate seminar, a wedding, a religious event, a baby shower, an anniversary or birthday party, any type of special occasion that requires a gathering of great people.

No invitation card design? No problem. Our graphics team will be glad to help you personalize your invitation in a superior way to demonstrate importance and prestige for your event.


Printing & Finishing Options

  • Colour

Colour outside and blank inside

Colour outside and black & white inside

Full colour double side

  • Size

4” x 6”

4” x 9”

5” x 7”

5.5” x 8.5”

  • Envelope Choice

No White Envelope

Standard White Envelope

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Use postcards to promote sales, massive corporate announcements, parties, and restaurant or bar opening, create events and more.

Get the word out and customers in!


Available Sizes

  • 4 x 6
  • 5 x 7

4 x 6 postcards are the size most customers prefer. Choose to print one-sided or double-sided, with either a different image on the front and back of each or the same design.

5 x 7 postcards are the best way to get your message into customer’s heads fast and they don’t even have to open an envelope. Guaranteed to draw attention to your event, campaign or cause. Can also be used as a mini takeout menu.


  • Folded Cards

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Want beautifully printed programmes but at the right price?

Promotional & Print Services can meet your needs at prices that won’t break the bank! Programmes are a surefire way of impressing your audience. Put us to the test and order your programmes today...


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Welcome to our Document Printing Services, we print manuals. If you have any Documents or Manuals you need printed, we are the company to use. We love printing short run manuals and documents. We pride ourselves on producing Training Manuals and Conference Binders. We can plastic comb bind. We have 2 processes you can use for printing your documents.

  • Photocopying 

We can take your originals and photocopy these in colour or black and white

  • Laser Printing 

Send us your files and we can run these through our laser printers in colour or black and white


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