Making our mark on your business!

Launch of Promotional & Print Services 

Evolution is a natural cycle in life and a business is no different. While this is true, progress is still a choice, one which the management of Secretarial Express Inc. made in the last week of April 2013. As a result, as early as May 1st that same year planning commenced with one clear intention, to become a BRAND! With this clear intention, the services of Brand Marketing Consultant Mr. Sheldon Browne of were retained. 

To this end a total rebranding effort was initiated. This commenced with an audit of the existing businesses involved, those being Secretarial Express Inc. and Promo Products R Us (a sister company). Given the nature of both businesses and charting a way forward, it was proposed to and accepted by management of these companies that a new name be among the first steps to be considered in the rebranding process. This serves two immediate purposes. To create  synchronisation and visibility between the name of the company and the services offered. As a result Promotional & Print Services Incorporated came into existence. Along the way services were edited, additional office space was leased and new staff hired. In addition, existing staff were briefed and trained. These actions serve as a testament to the commitment of management to grow as an organisation at a time when economic conditions were not ideal.

It is with this confidence and approach that as a team we not only seek to deliver sometimes but surpass your expectations EVERY TIME!